Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight management diet plan makes sure that your weight is managed by giving you long-term strategies for adopting a healthy lifestyle

Weight is not only about loss, but also about right management. Maintaining an appropriate weight as per you height and age is really important. Here comes in the importance of BMI or Body mass index. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. To check your BMI or IBW click here.

If you are under weight and want to gain weight, then it is important to understand that eating junk food to gain weight is not a good idea because with it doesn’t only increase weight but health problems also. To gain a healthy weight one needs to have a nutritious and healthy diet and lifestyle.

If it’s not weight gain that you are looking for, but just want to maintain your weight the way it is or have a toned body or gain muscles, even then you need to have a balanced diet and physical activity.

Dietician Garima understands your health and nutritional requirements and makes a customized diet plan to manage your weight in the best way possible.

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