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Dietician Garima welcomes you. Before you apply you need to understand that ‘Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody.’ When you start your journey to transformation with us, remember your only competition is you! And your only strength is your will and determination.
The counselling experience is highly personal and it’s not just a diet plan but a lifestyle we want you to adopt. We want to work with you on daily basis to ensure you are progressing, both physically and mentally. We are a team and you are not alone!

So let’s start our team work and achieve your goals!

Does a dietician help only with weight loss?

Where is your office? Where can I meet you?

We transform lives online. Dietician garima sends you diet plans on e-mail or whatsapp (as per your convenience). You can also talk to Dietician Garima over phone to get your doubts cleared...

How much weight can I lose in 1 month?

It depends on every individual, their body type and efforts they take to work on themselves. One kg per week is a healthy loss. Considering individual variances, one can lose upto 3-5 Kgs in 1 month, provided that you are engaged in physical activity of any kind for at least 40 minutes, because ...

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We are experts in this industry with over 3 years experience. What that means is you are going to get right solution. please find our services.

Detox Plans

Detox Plans

Cleanse toxins from your body and have a positive and healthy life






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