Why Winters are the Best to Lose Weight?

A lot of us make plans for losing weight at the start of the year, but getting back to your healthy self in the New Year becomes all the more difficult due to the Chilly months- where all you want to do is to cozy up together in your room and lots of warm food and maybe a book to read or a series to Binge-watch.

While this idea to spend your winters seems really pretty, the effects won’t be as beautiful. With a little more motivation and will power, you can easily take control of your life and can get a step closer to all the amazing goals you’ve set for yourself.

Also, most people probably are unaware of how the nature literally favours our weight loss during the cold season!  

What happens is that the body's metabolism enhances its natural ability to consume energy at rest, that is, without moving. Your body works hard to keep you warm by producing its own heat, and that's the way you end up burning calories without trying. It may not be noticeable, but in winter you are more likely to lose weight naturally.

In addition, did you know that your body has multiple types of fat? The most common type of fat is white fat, but the body also makes brown fat. It is stored in white fat and burns as fuel for the body. When you move your body in cold weather, not only does your body burn brown fat, but white fat takes on the properties of brown fat and is easier to burn.

Then, how do we all end up gaining some kilos and inches this time of the year? Well, that is because of the bad food choices we make and the sedentary lifestyle most of us follow during the holiday season, leading to an opposite effect- slowing down of the body’s metabolism.

So, Ditch the cozy blanket and take your running shoes instead- High time you start taking advantage of the Winter Season and achieve your New Year Resolutions as well. Get out, Go for a run or Play your favourite sport- Anything would do. And then, just once in a while- Take a day off to get all curled in your blanket and enjoy the weather, it won’t do much harm either! Happy Holidays!