Best foods to keep you fit in Winters!

While we all love this cold season, Most of us also fear the Weight gain that comes due to our frequent cravings for warm drinks and foods. Well, who can resist a cup of Hot chocolate or a bowl of sizzling Gajar ka Halwa.

But, Winters do also come loaded with a variety of Healthy foods- Infact more than what we get in Summers! We just need to make the right decisions. And, now that you are here, let us get started with all the information you’ll need to effectively maintain your health, fitness and metabolism!

1.      Fenugreek

Fenugreek or Methi, as we locally call it - is practically a wonder food for winters. Its benefits on blood sugar control have been acknowledged scientifically. Also known for Boosting metabolism, one of its components- Galactomannan is also helpful in managing cravings.

How to include: Use Fenugreek leaves in your everyday foods like rotis or have overnight soaked fenugreek seeds first thing in the morning.

2.      Guavas

Available easily during this season, Guavas are extremely rich in Vitamin C and Fibre- both of which are known to boost metabolism. It also has an appetite suppressing effect, hence would even prevent overeating!

So, whenever you feel like having a snack- GRAB A GUAVA! Replace tomatoes with guavas while making your salsa, Use them in smoothies or have them as it is.

3.      Green Leafy Vegetables

You just can’t mention winter foods without including GLVs! Anyways available all through the year, locally grown greens are usually best seen during this season. Spinach, Amaranth, Coriander, Radish leaves- all these are sources of Dietary fibre, very low in calories but rich sources of nutrients- like Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A etc.

How to include: Have a green juice early morning, use them in salads or even use them as dressings or in rotis- Creativity is all we look out for!

4.      Sugarcane

The oldest “detox” our country has to offer, having a fresh sugarcane in the winter season once in a while would help manage the unnecessary sweet cravings and keep infections at bay too! Having it would also help your liver to cleanse by itself- Very helpful in boosting your body’s metabolism and promoting the weight loss!

Apart from the foods, it is important for us to kick off the day with a healthy routine.

Taking out the time and will to exercise is essential and can not be stressed enough. Also, It is important to understand that any food, however healthy it might be- must not be taken in excess. Starting slow is the key! Gradually start eating healthy and incorporate any form of physical activity.