In our diet plans, we calculate your calorie and protein requirement according to your height, weight, age, physical activity and medical conditions. We target one kg weight loss per week as it is a healthy loss. NO FAD DIETS/CRASH DIETS ARE GIVEN.

When it comes to health, we understand that not everyone can give long-term commitment at once, so dietician Garima offers you three different diet plans and makes sure that after achieving the target weight, you maintain it by giving maintenance diet plans. Details of the diet plans are as follows:

1. Beginner (Weekly)

if you are completely new to diet and are not sure whether it will work for you or not, then you can opt for our weekly plan. This plan will have sample menu with lots of choices, foods allowed, restricted and general instructions. After one week, your progress in terms of weight will be measured. If you are happy with yourself after a week (which we are sure you will be), then you can opt for a longer plan.

There are two types of weekly plans:
  • a) Flexible- A single plan with sample menu includes a lot of choices from which you can choose and eat accordingly.
  • b) Static- This plan will have consistency and you will not be given options to choose from. You will be sent the diet plan on daily basis.

CHARGES- ₹500/-

2. Advanced (1 Month)

If you are sure you want to work on your body and health, then advanced plan works perfectly for you. It gives you a diet plan for a month. This plan will have sample menu with lots of choices, foods allowed, restricted and general instructions, Detox diets. At the end of each week, your diet plan will be modified in a way that works best for you. The diets will be sent on daily basis.

CHARGES- ₹1500/-

3. Pro (3 months)

If you are in complete commitment with your health, and are definite about your transformation then you will love pro plan. Pro plan is a plan where we work together continuously for 3 complete months on a better you! Your weight and health will be monitored and elaborated plan on how can you work on yourself in a better way would be given.

CHARGES- ₹4000/-

4. Maintenance plans

after you have achieved your target weight, we make sure that you keep it maintained. For that purpose we give maintenance diet plans to keep you and your hard work intact. When we put you on diet plan, we reduce your calorie intake, but it’s not practical to keep same calorie intake throughout life, so through our maintenance plans we slowly and within limits raise your calorie intake keeping a check on your health and weight.

CHARGES- ₹4000/-

5. Detox plans

First off all, what’s detoxification- It is a kind of alternative medicine treatment to get rid of toxins from the body. Basically it means cleansing the blood. By eliminating toxins and feeding right nutrients to your body, detoxification prevents you from diseases and renews your health.

“Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life” by Peter Bennett.
Get your 3/7 days detox plan from Dietician Garima to stop the never ending spiral of gaining pounds and take control of your life. Complete recipes and instructions will be included in your detox plan.

CHARGES: 3 day detox plan- ₹500
7 day detox plan- ₹1000

Summary- cleanse toxins from your body and have a positive and healthy life.
Note: Longer duration plans are also available on request.

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Here are the Key Terms of this Service

  • 100% advance payment
  • Make the payment in the name of Garima Goyal.
  • We accept Paytm and online bank transfers.
  • Whenever you take a plan, make sure to confirm the amount to avoid any confusion.
  • Due to any reasons, if you are unable to continue with our diet plans, we are flexible enough to shift your plan to some other person of your choice.
  • If by any chance, the user doesn’t fill the exact details, then the resultant failure of payment would be the sole responsibility of user.
    So make sure to fill the details correctly. Keep calm and join Dietician Garima.
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